What’s up with the “Risnagel”?
The “Risnagel” is the official news Magazine of Pfadi Andelfingen. The booklet is being published four times a year, with a colourful cover and a decent black and white print. The edition is about 170 pieces per publishing date (noted 2019). The magazine is in print with Rohner & Spiller in Winterthur.

Our readers
The “Risnagel” focuses on everybody with any kind of relation to the Pfadi Andelfingen. Those can be members of the association, parents, senior members (APV-members) or external people with linked interests. The “Risnagel” has a diverted and heterogenic audience.
Furthermore, each magazine is being archived by the National Scouts Movement in Bern and the “Pfadi Züri” – the Zurich local association.

The “Risnagel” contents
The “Risnagel” informs about the every day’s live of our members in continuous intervals. Next to field stories from camps, extraordinary events, etc., the reader will also find quizzes, jokes, crafting manuals or articles from senior members. The magazine’s main source are the members of the Pfadi Andelfingen, the “Risnagel”, you could say, lives and dies with its readers.
It’s long history therefore confirms the quality and adaptability of the magazine and it’s editorial office.

How do I get the “Risnagel”?
The yearly charge for the magazine is 15.– CHF. Usually, the payment will be debited together with the annual membership payment from the Padi Andelfingen. Externals can order the “Risnagel” directly at the editorial desk. You can subscribe to the “Risnagel” by using our contact form. Alternative prices can be discussed.

Where can I find older editions?
We keep an archive ourself but send each edition to several institutions. The Swiss National Library keeps every edition available through